Since the year 2000. FJS at the world famous Red Rocks Ampitheater!

This is the first and original Free Jam Society website! Powered by JJ! This website is all about the mp3s. So click on the mp3 tab and enjoy the thousands of recordings which I have made for FJS, directly from the server, (no need to download!). For free! Have fun promoting renewable energy and music and the RR environment which is great for inspiration, live sound and mobile recording and spirituality, drum rhythms and meditating, Native American Flutes, exercise, photography, hiking, stargazing, sightseeing, wildlife, Deer, 80lb.Raccoons, Bears, Squirrels, Eagles, Sunrise, Sunshine, Sunset, full Moon, Thai Chi, etc.
If you want to promote the true spirit of FJS then by all means, wherever you are, whomever you are, go out and have fun, make friends, spreading the magic of music. This website is for posting your FJS experiences. Everybody can help be a part of JJ's world class Free Jam Society website! Sign the guest book! Send us your photos and videos and music and we'll post them up!
If you like free music, stay here. All authentic FJS stuff mostly happens here. Just like The Stairway to Heaven.
Simple. Now...
Thanks to Mack, Dave and Julio, and Red Rocks maintenance for keeping the place nice for everybody to enjoy! You know who you are and you know you are appreciated!
Thank you Red Rocks! For hosting the open stage with FJS! I would also like to thank the thousands of tourists and musicians from around the world and locally who have enjoyed and supported FJS at RR over the years.
The Free Jam Society is a gig where almost anyone can bring their instruments, poetry, or other ideas and join in the open-stage-improv jam at the world famous Red Rocks Ampitheater! Young or old, all are welcome. Even Aaron the Synthesist with all of his good ideas! FJS hosts, it's up to you to bring your own instrument. Low watt electronics or Acoustic is o.k. Mandolin or Guitar and Bass, a Drumset or Bongos, and a guest Microphones for Vocals or Saxophone or Didgeridoo. All of these instruments at once makes for a good jam!
There are hundreds of free mp3 files available from the recordings made at these jams! They can be played directly from the website and do not require downloading. Downloading is required only if you want to burn tracks to cd or use on ipod. The Free Jam Society title is a trademark and each artist's material is copyright protected. Feel free to enjoy them. The mp3 quality is low in order to save web space, so click on the contact page if you would like a copy of the master cds from a particular jam date with the larger much better sounding wave files on them. Compact discs sound so much better than mp3 files do. With mp3s, the first thing that gets lost is the bass frequencies when compressing for the web. Go to the MP3 page to hear them and the calendar page to see the archives!
Come enjoy the music and join in the fun by bringing your instrument!
While you are at Red Rocks, go to the Visitor's Center and take a walk through the "Hall of Fame", where a fine collection of famous autographed guitars are on display. And watch a free short movie about Red Rocks projected onto the '9 X '16 big screen in the 6450 Theater downstairs.
Be sure to check out
Peace, DM.
COLORADO RR FJS NEEDS SOMEWHERE GROOVY TO PLAY FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE 2017/2018! FJS has many components, four of which are: 1. Acoustic, 2. Techno, 3. Rock and Roll, and 4. African style drumming with Didgeridoo called Mak. Colorado RR FJS usually stays home on new year's eve because it's too cold to play outside at Red Rocks. But we don't want to stay home. Every year these four aspects of FJS would like to play inside somewhere warm all nite long on New Year's Eve. If you can give us a warm roomy place to play inside for the night we'll play for beer money if you wish to pay! (...and for the love of music mostly). From 8pm til midnite we'll Jam acoustic, African, Rock and Roll, and then keep jammin til Sun Rise! Please call David Miller at 720-404-9349 if you can house FJS for New Year's Eve this year.
Peace, DM.

...and JAM ON!

Welcome To The Red Rocks Free Jam Society!

Art by Craig Trombino

Hello Jam Music and Open Stage enthusiasts. This site is all about the Red Rocks Free Jam Society. We have all of our recent performances archived here. Click on the calendar on the right to browse the archives. Keep on jammin' mon!

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